How does a company keep its edge? By creating an environment that brings out the best. By creating a workplace where people are excited and want to come in each and every day. We believe that our success is founded on the people who work here. Computers, PDA's…. are only tools that assist you. It’s the individual behind these tools that will make a difference.
Commitment to excellence and teamwork makes every person an active participant in our future and theirs. We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package. Our tools and integrated infrastructure enable our employees to work from home when necessary.
If you're ready to work for a progressive business services firm, submit your resume today.
Access to your Account Manager via phone, email, Text, Skype™
Weekly, Quarterly, Annual meetings to discuss your financial package. Its up to you.
Accounting expertise assuring industry best practices.
24/7 access to your customized intranet page with analysis, dashboard etc.
24/7 connectivity via the web to your financial data. Full version of QuickBooks.
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