How do I start?
We will meet with you to understand your business and tailor our services to your needs. We usually import your QuickBooks file into the GBS platform and customize the rest of the integrated tools. Its easy and hassle free. You will be up adn running within 24 hours.
What if I already have QuickBooks™?
We can import your QuickBooks or Peachtree file into the GBS platform.
What happens if I leave?
We will backup your accounting file and provide it to you. We use the full version of QuickBooks or Peachtree. There is no risk. Our platform does NOT lock you in.
Will my accountant be available?
Your account manager will be available via phone, skype™, SMS, or personal discussion board. We provide excellent customer service and understand the importance of a timely response.
What is the cost?
Our costs are reasonable. We usually bill by the hour for the first few months and then settle into a monthly fee. It can be as little as $150 per month. Our strategy is to provide you with a strong foundation and grow with you.
Do I have to use all of your services?
Our services are tailored to your needs. We can do as little as bank reconciliations or everything. Its up to you. We will work with you to understand your business and develop an effective strategy to meet your goals and expectations.
I am a small business. Can I use your service?
Our clients come from a wide variety of industries such as restaurants, law firms, website firms, service corporations, high tech startups, etc. We work with companies of all sizes. Our strategy is to provide you with a strong foundation and grow with you.
Do you have any other questions? Please contact us today!
Access to your Account Manager via phone, email, Text, Skype™
Weekly, Quarterly, Annual meetings to discuss your financial package. Its up to you.
Accounting expertise assuring industry best practices.
24/7 access to your customized intranet page with analysis, dashboard etc.
24/7 connectivity via the web to your financial data. Full version of QuickBooks.
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